Disability politics is dead - long live Disability politics!

4 PM - 4:50 PM

August 24 2019

The conditions for people living with disabilities is not progressing. Quite the opposite. Fewer people with disabilities gets an education, fewer are employed, and the feeling of social uncertainty is on the rise.

The challenges confronting people with disabilities are massive. Nevertheless, disability politics has not created headlines during the recent election.

The question is whether Danish disability politics are solving the problems people with disabilities are confronted by, or if it is – in fact – long dead. Has disability politics been reduced to a question of hunting likes on Facebook – against the recurring cutbacks on social services?

Who is to articulate the principles of disability politics of the future? Moreover, what should they look like? Do we even need distinct politics aimed at people with disabilities?

These questions will be raised in this talk/debate.

Moderator: Signe Hartvig Daugaard

In the panel: Institute for Human Rights