A Space to Collectively REIMAGINE Disability

The REIMAGINE Action Lab is a space for developing collaborative visions and projects aiming to REIMAGINE Disability, Access and Inclusion.

The Action Lab will bring together a small group of artists, activists, researchers and citizens from across Denmark and around the world for three days of co-creation – workshops, discussions and dialogues, artistic interventions and more.

We will tap into collective insights and experiences in order to REIMAGINE three core focus areas:

REIMAGINE (Dis)ability

How can we reimagine what it means to live with (dis)ability?


How can we reimagine ways to create access and accessibility for people living with (dis)abilities? Access in the most holistic sense – access to work, to play, to being a whole human being


How can we reimagine how we fully include people with (dis)abilities  in all aspects of society?

A Selection of Action Lab Participants

Mari Velonaki
Mari Velonaki
Director of the Creative Robotics Lab - UNSW // Australia
Mari Velonaki has worked as an artist and researcher in the field of electronic art since 1995. Her work has created a basis ...
Brenda Shaughnessy
Brenda Shaughnessy
American Poet + Librettist // USA
Brenda Shaughnessy is the author of four poetry collections, most recently So Much Synth and Our Andromeda, which was a New ...
Vitor Pordeus
Vitor Pordeus
Transcultural Community Psychiatrist, Theatre Actor // Brazil
Vitor Pordeus, 39 years old, is an actor since 9 and a physician since 24. He is a transcultural community psychiatrist ...
Paola Prestini
Paola Prestini
Composer, Artistic Director & Co-Founder - National Sawdust // USA
Through an illustrious career being equal parts creator and connector, composer Paola Prestini is known both for her ...
Jenny Sealey
Jenny Sealey
CEO / Artistic Director - Graeae // UK
A renowned and highly innovative theatre director from London, England. She serves as the Artistic Director and CEO of the ...
Marlene le Roux
Marlene le Roux
CEO - Artscape // South Africa
Marlene Le Roux is the CEO at Artscape Theatre Centre in Cape Town, South Africa and serves as director on numerous boards, ...
Rishi Goyal
Rishi Goyal
Director Medicine, Literature & Society Program - Columbia University // USA
Rishi’s research, writing and teaching focuses on the reciprocal transformations that result when new ideas about health, ...
Masashi Kajita
Masashi Kajita
Assistant Professor - Institute of Architecture and Design // DENMARK
Masashi Kajita, Ph.D., Architect MAA is Assistant Professor at the Institute of Architecture and Design, the Royal Danish ...
Jacob Nossell
Jacob Nossell
Artist, Activist, Head of Communication - Enactlab // Denmark
Jacob Nossell is an award-winning artist, activist and journalist – born in 1987. He became known for his participation ...


With  a  focus  on  these  three  core  areas of REIMAGINE (Dis)ability, REIMAGINE Access and REIMAGINE Inclusion,  the  ACTION  LAB will  be  designed  to  catalyze dialogue, collaboration and action through a variety of interwoven discussions, workshops, artistic interventions and co-creation sessions.

The  Action  Lab  will  culminate  in  the  creation  of  manifestos,  plans  and  roadmaps  for  collective  action,  as well  as  concrete  collaborative  projects  and  prototypes  which  evolve  and  emerge  following  the  Lab.

These collaborative  endeavors  could  range  from  arts  and  media  projects  (theatre,  opera,  film,  art  exhibitions,  etc)  to research  and  education  initiatives  (architecture  and  design,  narrative  medicine,  robotics,  physiology,  arts projects  as  social  research  labs,  etc)  to  activism  and  advocacy  campaigns.

The  ideal  aim  of  the  Action  Lab  is to  create  strong  points  of  connection  and  collaboration  between  the  various  projects  and  ideas  that  evolve and  emerge  during  the  Lab  –  developing  practical  opportunities  to  manifest  our  collective  imagination  in many ways and across many corners of the world in the months following the Lab.

1Opening Session: Introductions + Community Building16:30The Culture Yard
2REIMAGINE SHAKESPEARE Keynote Talks: Jenny Sealey & Vitor Pordeus18:30Kronborg Castle
3 Opening International Dinner and Reception19:30To Be Announced
1Introduction + Opening ‘Artistic Intervention’: Enactlab Team10:00The Culture Yard
2REIMAGINE: Framing the Narrative10:30The Culture Yard
3Introductions: Signs & Selves med Jenny Sealey11:00The Culture Yard
4Coffee break11:30The Culture Yard
5Mapping Collective Wisdom11:45The Culture Yard
6Lunch13:00The Culture Yard
7Intro to Co-Creation Sessions - Culture + Design14:00The Culture Yard
8REIMAGINE BUILDING BLOCKS: Co-Creation Session I14:30The Culture Yard
9Reflections and Closing Remarks16:00The Culture Yard
10Dinner17:00The Culture Yard
11WE EAT TOGETHER: Community Dinner (Optional)18:00Toldkammeret
12REIMAGINE DISABILITY: Keynote Tales (Optional): Marlene le Roux18:30Kronborg Castle
1Opening Artistic Intervention: Sensorium Ex9:30The Culture Yard
2Co-Creation Session II: REIMAGINE STRUCTURES10:00The Culture Yard
3Lunch12:00The Culture Yard
4Co-Creation Session III: REIMAGINE SYSTEMS13:00The Culture Yard
5BREAK15:00The Culture Yard
6REIMAGINE: The Creative Process - Richard III15:15 The Culture Yard
7Synthesizing Wisdom + REIMAGINE Manifesto Presentation16:00The Culture Yard
8DINNER17:00The Culture Yard
9REIMAGINE Manifesto Keynote18:30The Culture Yard
10Richard III - Theatre Production20:00Kronborg Castle
11CELEBRATION22:30The Green Room @ Kronborg
1Closing Session: Roadmaps for Action!10:30The Culture Yard

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Kristian Moltke Martiny
Head of Research – Enactlab

Jacob Yoon Egeskov Nossell
Head of Communication – Enactlab

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